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Aether Semiconductor specializes in advanced semiconductor equipment manufacturing technologies, including ALD and PECVD equipment. We focus on optimizing our products for various applications, providing engineering solutions for upgrades, continuous improvement processes (CIPs), and obsolescence management. Our goal is to support the development of new products and extend the lifespan of existing ones, ensuring sustained performance and reliability

Atomic Layer Deposition 

Source - Purge - Co Reactant - Purge

A sequential step by step precise process used in the semiconductor industry to deposit thin films onto a substrate. It involves controlled reaction of a precursor gas with substrate surface, resulting in uniform and conformal thin film. 

Plasma Enabled - CVD

High Throughput, High Dep Rate, Amorphous film

It utilizes plasma to enhance the reaction of the precursors. It is a low temperature process when compared to conventional Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD). It uses RF energy to generate plasma where the deposition can be done below 380C. The deposited material will be conformal in nature. The deposition rate is high compared to conventional ALD.


Our Engineering

Explore our cutting-edge solutions in ALD & PECVD Systems, Reaction Chamber Designs, Next Generation Systems Developments, Microwave Technologies, CIPs, DOE Creations, and Process Engineering Capabilities.

Chemical Vapor deposition system .jpg

ALD & CVD Systems

Revolutionize your processes with our advanced design engineering capabilities for ALD & CVD Systems. Achieve unparalleled precision and efficiency in thin film deposition.

Technological solutions.jpg

Technological Solutions

Leverage the power of innovation with our advanced technological capabilities. Enjoy solutions that are faster, more dependable, and efficient for your projects.

hardware engineering for semiconductor e

Hardware Engineering

Optimize your hardware with our expertise in Temperature Controllers, Gas lines & heaters design. Enhance performance and reliability in your systems.

Enjoy the Plasma - ALD chamber Images

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