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Our Services


R&D/New development

we specialize in new product and project assistance for our customers. We also develop new products as our own, leveraging our expertise and experience to create innovative solutions.


we are committed to supporting customers in their manufacturing needs. We offer high-quality parts manufacturing services at a low cost, and we also provide assistance PCB manufacturing and assembly. Our goal is to help clients achieve their manufacturing goals while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Obsolescence Engineering

We develop solutions for obsolescence management of hardware products where we help customers manage components’ obsolescence, cost reduction, technology changes and feature enhancements.

Jigs & fixture

we specialize in the development of jigs and fixtures essential for the maintenance and installation of various components. With extensive experience and expertise, our team has successfully delivered numerous tailored solutions to meet the unique requirements of our customers. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that every project we undertake enhances efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance and installation processes.

Technical Documentation

Mechanical Drawings

we specialize in creating precise 2D mechanical drawings, making revisions to existing drawings, and providing detailed mechanical specification sheets. Additionally, we develop and update procedures to ensure optimal performance and compliance with industry standards. Our commitment to quality and precision ensures that your projects are executed efficiently and effectively.

BOM & Procedures

We specialize in creating comprehensive engineering procedures tailored for the installation and de-installation of semiconductor tool components. Our services encompass developing detailed, step-by-step instructions to ensure precision and efficiency in operations. Additionally, we excel in updating these procedures to integrate new instructions and enhancements, ensuring alignment with the latest standards. Beyond this, we offer services in creating Product Option Architecture BOMs for end products and categorizing component criticality.


We offer a wide range of electrical engineering services. These include designing detailed schematics, developing wire harnessing solutions, creating precise PCB layouts, and generating Gerber files. Additionally, we provide firmware development to ensure your electronic systems operate seamlessly. Our commitment to quality and precision guarantees that your electrical projects are executed efficiently and meet the highest industry standards.

3D document packages

We specialize in 3D-based documentation services, focusing on Model Based Definition (MBD) and precise cable routing solutions. Our expertise includes creating detailed 3D models that incorporate all necessary engineering specifications and annotations through MBD. Additionally, we offer comprehensive cable routing services, ensuring efficient and organized placement within complex systems.

Industrial Machinery

Supply chain Management

Supplier business management

We offer specialized services in supplier business management, dedicated to optimizing and enhancing your supplier relationships and operations.Whether you require supplier development initiatives, supply chain optimization, or risk mitigation strategies, our expertise ensures your supply network operates seamlessly, supporting your business goals with resilience and excellence.

Supplier quality

We specialize in supplier quality management, providing tailored services to ensure that your supply chain meets the highest standards of reliability and performance.. Our focus is on enhancing product consistency, reliability, and customer satisfaction through effective supplier quality management strategies tailored to your specific industry and business requirements.

Spares Management

Our expertise covers the entire lifecycle of spare parts, from procurement and inventory optimization to distribution and replenishment. We develop customized spares management strategies tailored to your specific needs, including forecasting demand, minimizing lead times, and reducing costs through effective inventory control. Our proactive approach includes rigorous quality control measures to guarantee the reliability and availability of critical spare parts when needed.

Global Operations


We collaborate closely with customers to develop tailored training programs that enhance workforce skills across various industries. Our customized solutions cover technical skills, leadership development, and more, delivered through flexible formats including virtual, on-site, and blended learning. With experienced trainers, we ensure practical application of industry insights and best practices, empowering your teams globally to achieve organizational excellence.

Data analytics

We specialize in data analytics services, leveraging advanced techniques to extract valuable insights from your data. Our expertise spans data visualization, predictive modeling, statistical analysis, and machine learning. We tailor our approach to meet your specific business objectives, whether you need to optimize operations, enhance decision-making, or uncover trends and patterns within your data. Our goal is to empower your organization with actionable insights that drive strategic growth and competitive advantage in today's data-driven world

Customer Support

We specialize in providing robust customer support solutions that extend to your customers. Our tailored services focus on ensuring their satisfaction and resolving inquiries efficiently. We prioritize clear communication, prompt issue resolution, and expert guidance to enhance their experience with your products or services. Whether it's troubleshooting technical issues, offering product assistance, or providing seamless interactions, our goal is to strengthen customer relationships and elevate their satisfaction levels, ultimately contributing to your business's success

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